About Hilly Aqua

Why Hilly Aqua

All living forms depend on water. Water is essential and potable water is even more so. This vital source for the existence of life on earth has no substitute. And no other natural resource has had such an overwhelming influence on mankind. The right for safe and pure drinking water is fundamental. Even in Kerala, a land blessed with abundant bodies of water, potable water faces serious threat. Government of Kerala takes the initiative to provide pure potable water at a reasonable rate with a social concern. That’s Hilly Aqua, Nectar of hills, served untouched!

To slow down the shooting up of price and to take social commitment to the next level, Hilly Aqua is served at Rs.15 for one litre and Rs.20 for two litre. Besides, KIIDC is the only government company that gives royalty to the government for sourcing surface water from the reservoir.