Hilly Aqua


Water is carefully collected and received through large penstock pipes from Malankara Dam. The purification process removes undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water. Raw water from the reservoir, which is stored in huge tanks, is pumped to the sand filter. After sand filtering water goes for carbon filtration. Micro-filtration removes particles as small as 0.2 microns. From there the water is pumped with high pressure to the Reverse Osmosis Membranes. At this RO separation process, high pressure forces the water through a membrane which separates contaminants on one side and allows the pure water to pass through the other side. Ph dosing maintains the Ph level of water. The ultra violet filtration provides additional product disinfection by eliminating bacteria, virus and cysts. Ozone disinfection is done by using a highly reactive form of oxygen. Water is now rich with oxidation qualities. Final water is then stored in a tank to be filled in.

Shown below is the complete list of purification process undergone in our plant. Each step is carried out with intensive care to sure the quality at each stage. Hilly Aqua is processed without a single touch of hand.

NOTE: Click the image to view actual photos of process in our Plant.

Process Chart

HILLY AQUA process chart