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Kerala has abundant water resource with Western Ghats giving birth to 44 rivers which have a length of more than 35 km.  Of these, 41 rivers fall in the Arabian Sea, 3 rivers flow to the east and fall in the Bengal Bay. Even though Kerala receives 3000 mm of annual rainfall, availability of safe drinking water is a problem, especially in summer.

Urban Population

Rural Population

Only 74% of the urban and 48% of the rural population is having protected water supply. Ground water is the source of drinking water in many of the rural and urban areas. Ground water is no longer safe as it gets polluted due to garbage, domestic sewage, industries, effluents, leach pits, salt water intrusion, etc. The public water supply is scarce in peak summer. People largely depend upon open wells, ponds, streams and rivers for their drinking water needs. But untreated water contains bacteria and virus which cause diseases. Solution is purely treated packaged drinking water.